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Studiomusica handles the production and organization of concerts, performances, and shows, the representation and management of both Italian and foreign artists within Italy and, in certain cases, the world, and the creating of events and special projects.

A very dynamic company, which in a very short time has become an important point of reference for organizers and artists alike in the field of classical music and crossover. Studiomusica is responsible for the promotion and management of concert activities of the musicians and composers represented, overseeing every aspect linked to the production of concerts and events, from artistic to logistic- administrative. Over time, Studiomusica has diversified and strengthened its fields of action and today, in addition to managing the activities of its own artists - around 250 - it develops and coordinates special projects and recordings, is responsible for the artistic direction of some concert seasons in Italy and in the world, offers business advising and takes care of the press agency and advertising planning for artists, festivals, exhibitions, theatres, event organizers, and conventions. Studiomusica also deals with the production of shows and concerts throughout all of Italy.

Studiomusica collaborates frequently with some of the foremost international companies and with important agencies and musical institutions in the planning and promoting of projects.


Giorgio Barbolini


Giulia Dondi


Alessandro Padovan


Paolo Mandelli

Head Music Department, Conductors, Special projects

Luca Ceretta

Head, Composers Management

Stefania Bellodi

Soloists, Chamber Music, Special Projects

Giancarlo Parodi

Jazz, World Music, Gospel, Choirs, Chamber Music, Soloists

Alessio Pianca

International Tours, Orchestras, Special Projects

Stefania Poppi

Logistics Department

Chiara Grimaldi

Administrative Department

Carmen Bruno

Administrative Department

Simonetta Chezzi

Administrative Department


Talent Booking

Concert Performances

Corporate Events

Charity Events

Festival and Seasons Organization

Artistic Direction of Festivals and Seasons


Press Office


Composers Management

Contemporary Music Promotion

Performances Hours

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“Imagination creates reality.”
Richard Wagner


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